The launch of Reverberations Books in spring 2020 is a creative counterbalance to the Covid-19 pandemic and an effort to address our current environmental crisis, particularly global warming. As an independent publisher our goal is to bring out environmental stories and informative writings that promote appreciation for the beauty of our habitat and raise awareness of vital issues including environmental justice. With knowledge, the aim is to lobby for the environment's preservation.

Reverberations Books publishes as an imprint of Chin Music Press in

Seattle, an independent publisher of important, entertaining, & edgy

work for the last 15 years.

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Our actions have consequences and many of us are increasingly aware of our rippling impacts on the environment. The 2020 wildfire season in California was the largest in its modern history, burning four million acres. Climate change, with higher temperatures and increasing drought conditions, is surely a major cause. In Silent Spring Rachel Carson relates the poignant relationship between the grouse and sagebrush. The sagebrush is well adapted to the Western plains, accommodating the dry and windswept landscape, while the grouse finds sagebrush a perfect shelter and food source. But sagebrush has been severely diminished by grassland expansion and, later, oil and gas development. Both grouse and sagebrush are now endangered, resulting in the possible elimination of these unique plains inhabitants. Our choices have reverberations that create unanticipated consequences in the natural world. Nevertheless, experts argue that climate change can be reversed. Our responsibility is to

learn how and implement these strategies.