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impact on the environment and the threat of climate change 

Publication Cover

Tales of the Urban Wild: A Puma’s Journey

Written by Tiffany Yap

Illustrated by Meital Smith


For two young mountain lions born in central California, where cityscape meets wilderness, life isn’t easy. Soon after their mother leaves them to fend for themselves, a dominant male puma attacks, sending them running. The brother who dashes across a treacherous highway is hit by a truck and killed. The brother who hides up a tree survives. And so the journey begins. Tales of the Urban Wild: A Puma’s Journey follows the lone brother,  who local scientists tag as C-8, as he navigates what humans have done to the landscape.

A must-read for young scientists, those who love to nerd out about biodiversity, like me, and simply anyone who cares about living in a flourishing world...Together Yap and Smith remind us of two inextricable messages: When biodiversity thrives, we all thrive, and when human diversity thrives, we all thrive.

-MARCELO BONTA, cofounder of the Center for Diversity & the Environment and cofounder of the Environmental Professionals of Color

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