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Art Gallery is devoted to the response of visual artists to our environment, particularly — but not exclusively — to issues of climate change. The first artists presented are fabric artists whose work was included in the exhibition Many Threads - One Cloth, at the Pajaro Valley Arts Gallery in Watsonville, California in 2022

Janette Gross

Janette Gross is a tapestry weaver whose work primarily focuses on wedge weave, a technique developed      by the Diné Nation (Navajo) in the late 19th century. Her current work addresses the devastating effects of climate change. 

          She began studying weaving and tapestry techniques in 2002. She is a member of the Santa Cruz Textiles Arts Guild and serves on the board of the American Tapestry Association.

          In January 2022, Janette was one of 4 local artists from all disciplines awarded a Rydell Visual Arts Fellowship which she will take in 2023. 

Yonat Michaelov

Yonat Michaelov has been passionate about the environment since she can remember. She says, “I travelled a lot as a young person and I have seen how fast humans destroy millions of years of nature crafting and my heart bleeds." She has been a Chinese medicine and alternative healer for 35 years. In this work she has encountered endless cases of sicknesses from human impact on the environment. “Hence the art.”

          Weeping Glaciers came after a year visiting Alaska, Norway and New Zealand and witnessing the impact of global warming firsthand.

          Witnessing was done during the COVID -19 Pandemic. It is suffering in the eyes of all beings who share the planet with us.

          Migration also came about during the Pandemic and the devastating news about migrants from the Mediterranean and at the U.S. & Mexican border. "The subject was too painful."

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