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Coming in Fall 2022

Natural Consequences

Char Miller, Professor of Environmental Analysis and History, Pomona College


Our first title is Char Miller’s Natural Consequences, an intimate look into the small and large consequences of climate change as well as thoughtful solutions. Char Miller is well aware of climate change and the ecological degradation we are causing. In Natural Consequences, he explores how the dominant culture affects the environment through sharing personal experiences in his Southern California neighborhood and on his travels as a professor of Environmental Analysis and History.

Spring 2023

Our second book will be a Young Adult graphic novel that follows the life of a young male mountain lion as he struggles to establish his own territory. Navigating urban regions and wildlands, he confronts many challenging obstacles. The story will bring awareness to the impact of humans and climate change — impingement on territory, water shortage, fires — that mountain lions have to face. Particularly important is the story’s recognition of the need for co-existence between wildlife and humans.

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Image courtesy of the National Park Service

 Future title

Reverberations Books is in the beginning stages of developing its third book which addresses the application of Big Data in the study and potential management of climate change.

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